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Fitness – Bodybuilding

Of course you will do it with VitaLIFE! In our webshop you can buy all important nutritional supplements which are essential for your body. Either you want to start with fitness or looking for professional sports nutrition, VitaLIFE is the one you will choose.

Proteins for your muscles

Proteins will help your muscles to recover and to grow. To get a strong body you have to take the right proteins, in the right proportions spread properly during the day. To get a solid muscular body you have to raise the average protein serving (0,9 g/kg/daily) substantially, if you want to turn over your weight training into remarkable results. So, use small meals which containing protein rich food. Proteins from VitaLIFE: All the Whey, Super Pro and for example Amino 4600.

Complete range of Products

VitaLIFE Sports Products USA supplies a whole range of products. Amino Acids, Protein Powders, Weight Gainers, Vitamins, Slim Products, Energy and Power-booster, Sportsdrinks, Bars etc. etc. etc.

High Quality Products

VitaLIFE Sports Products USA stands for high quality products. It is there were new standards in Sports Nutrition were made. We don't sell B-quality. The best QUALITY, that's were we believe in.

Pharmaceutical Quality

VitaLIFE Sport Products USA only supplies products which are from the highest pharmaceutical grade. Through the years our researchers have brought our products to perfection. Not alone but together with atlethes and our customers.

Controll Quality

We at VitaLIFE Sport Products USA have our own quality division. Everything, from our nutrition to our people, from our machines to our packing goods. Everything will be controlled at QUALITY.

The team that works for you

We at VitaLIFE Sports Products USA believe in our products, our service and our people. Whithout the good people nothing will work. We have a highly qualified team. Everyone in our company does his job with 100%. From our sales managers to our people in the warehouses . So why hesitate? We are there for you! Call one of our sales managers and you will understand why doing business with VitaLIFE is the best you can do for your own company.